API Connector: Stripe Checkout Shipping Address Issue

Howdy Folks :wave: I’ve been struggling a bit with some Stripe API calls. Specifically, I have been attempting to configure a manual Stripe Checkout flow via the API connector. I am attempting to collect a customer’s phone number and shipping address when they purchase a subscription. I think I have the call set up correctly. I’m able to generate the checkout session and redirect to the checkout url successfully. However, the shipping and phone inputs simply do not show up. Curiously, I’ve also set allow_promo_codes to “true,” but that input doesn’t show up, either. Can anyone help me figure out why this would be? Thanks in advance!

If the call is initialized and running properly, check your Logs on the Stripe Dashboard to see if the parameters got sent properly, if they did, contact Stripe support to find out why the inputs are not showing up on the checkout page, if they do not get sent through, you may need to check your app logs in Bubble to see if they are populating on the call or not.

@ts11 I don’t believe Stripe allows to pre-fill the phone number, but if you need to collect the phone number in the checkout session use this:

phone_number_collection[enabled] set it to true with the querystring checked.

It’s actually phone_number_collection[enabled] set to true as you can see in the docs

Was there ever a solution to the shipping part of this? I am having an issue with my collect shipping parameter. I have the parameter value set as:


And my value as:

But I keep getting this error why I try to initialize?

Hi, I basically copied what was done here and on stripe it creates the session.

However, I am clearly missing something. When I run the API workflow, shouldn’t it open the Stripe checkout window with the parameters as I have set?
Or is there a workflow step I am missing when I just copy what’s in this thread?

Thank you so much!