API Connector suddenly making confusion between string and float

Hi, I set up an API back in January to produce electronic invoices (a feature required in Italy) via a third party service named Adamo. Everything has been working smoothly until a few days ago when it ceased working. I haven’t touched the editor since more than a month and the service provider Adamo didn’t change anything.

After some debugging I found out that the problem lies in the format of data.

The API has some arguments that are strings and some others that are float

The argument “price_ev” is a float. If I try to “Reinitialize call” in the settings of the API Connector, it works. The response is fine and Adamo actually creates a test invoice. Everything works even if I try via Postman.

But when I try to use the same API in the existing workflows (the same WFs I haven’t touched in months), picking the float “price_ev” from the DB, Adamo returns an empty invoice as if I was sending wrong data.

In the dev environment I tried to create all the needed fields and a button just to trigger a unique WF to create an Adamo invoice. I found out that if I set “price_ev” as “text”, it works. As soon as “price_ev” is set to be a “decimal” it doesn’t work.

This super weird: a float is working when initializing the API but in regular WFs only text works.

Does anybody have a clue? Thanks in advance,

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