API Connector to Access Eloqua


I’m very new to Bubble and am hoping someone can assist with providing guidance on how to authenticate with Eloqua and then pull some data using API calls. I tried using the Bubble API Connector, but I haven’t been able to authenticate. The documentation for the Eloqua Basic Authentication is here (http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAB/Developers/GettingStarted/Authentication/authenticate-using-basic-auth.htm).

I enter in the required credentials (username, password, and then added sitename as a header), pointed it the the URL (https://login.eloqua.com/id) and tried to initialize. Unfortunately I received an error stating I was not authenticated.

Any thoughts on how to attack this? Once solved, I’ll then dive into accessing data in Eloqua.

Any help is appreciate.



The recommendation is to get the api call to work in postman first then once you’re sure it works there just transfer it to the API connector and work on it more.

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Gotcha. Thanks John! I’ll take a look into this. Appreciate the help.

The Eloqua connector enables you to get to the Eloqua Standard API through WSO2 ESB. Eloqua is a showcasing computerization SaaS organization which creates mechanized advertising and request era programming and administrations for business-to-business advertisers.

Another reference: REST


To begin, go to Configuring Eloqua operations. When you have finished your setups, you can perform different operations with the connector.

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