API Connector to Airtable (Access token)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect the brand new access tokens and update data from Bubble inputs to Airtable records.

I think I followed all of the instructions from the Airtable API documentation using the native API Connector on Bubble.

However, I always have the same error : Status code 422
{“error”:{“type”:“INVALID_REQUEST_BODY”,“message”:“Could not parse request body”}}.

Content-Type : application/json is applied on the headers and the API on “Pivate key on the header” and works perfectly fine for creating records.

Method used is “PATCH”. There are different kind of fields including single select and multiple select, which are defined on the proper fields & table.

Here’s the json :

"records": [
			"fldK79MBPQXmJDRRe": "<recordID>",
        "fields": {
          "fldDPRdKltncBR5Fd": "<job>",
          "fldm3gLZTz4X3CkzA": [
          "fldutQ9WLuMln3VpB": [
          "fldn177mbxkhH8yu4": [
          "fldN96k4SOEeGgSVc": [
          "fldRWG9vHoAo2HO4J": [
          "fldOcHYD6dQtmSubv": [
], "typecast": true

Here’s a screenshot, thanks a lot for the help !