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API Connector to Google BIG Query

Hi all - I’m struggling to get the API connector to work with Google Big Query API so am hoping one of you has done this before and can tell me what i’m messing up!

I want to set up a server to server connection as will be using my own google GCP project rather than asking users of my app to login to theirs. I’ve therefore setup a service account in GCP and am using the JSON Web token authentication mechanism.

Each time i try to initialise the API, i get the following message returned:
Untitled drawing

Images of how i’ve tried to set this up are below:
API Setup:
Untitled drawing (1)

POST Method to run a query:
Untitled drawing (2)

Any guidance on how to set this up properly?


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Hey, did you fond a way?

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I’m also interested in getting BigQuery data into bubble for building a dashboard…has anyone been able to do this?

Access Token Endpoint:

The private key might contain \n which dosen’t work and causes the error u get.

Lastly your query cant contain "´`* and you must specify the columns in your dataset.