API Connector - Use either Test key or Live key

I 've setup up many calls for Stripe using for now the test mode api key sk_test_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. When I’ll swith to production, I’ll change it with the live key sk_live_xxx but then I won’t be able to do any test in test mode. That will be annoying.

@Emmanuel Would it be possible differentiate Test and Live Mode at the API level ?

This limit is the same with Twilio. May be the same with other 3rd parties services.


Features Request won’t never end :smiling_imp:

Yes, this would be very useful!

We’ll see how doable that is, a few other things to do first though.

Just added that.


Great change, thanks.

I created also a API with Stripe but how do you differentiate the dev and live mode in the API? I entered both authentication (dev &live) but I keep getting only the live data and not the development data in the app even though I use the development version.
When I call the API only with one test key I see the corresponding data, development shows dev data and live key shows live data but with both only the live data.
I want to be able to use one API call who will recognize if I use the test version or the live version.
thank you


Is it still not possible to set one key as live and the other as dev? @emmanuel

This you mean?

Or did you need different URL/endpoints depending on if it is live/dev?

Found it in a different post. Probably should have just tried it Automatically Use Test Keys API Connector - #2 by romanmg

for those wanting the full picture

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