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API Connector - use most JSON APIs directly from Bubble

If this is the full response, in this case you don’t need to use a main list - since there is only one entry, regular mapping will return all fields each with their unique name goven by the path.

There are 200 responses, I only get 1.

How do I get them all ?

@NigelG just took a look and looks like everything works ok, and all results are returned. Let me know if that’s not the case.



I am not seeing the “Main List” drop down. What am I doing wrong ?

OK, it seems to be an old plugin issue. If I create the API call exactly the same in another “clean” app…

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Hello George,
As a first step, I believe that would be very important for app in production mode dealing with paying clients :

A forme post about this concern :

Nigel, I looked at the trest app and it looks fine. Shoot an email to support if this doesn’t work for one of your apps. The immediate fix is to just delete that particular call and re-create it if you run into issues, but that’s not supposed to happen.

Hi - I love this feature and product. The API connector is a game changer. My question is simple, I hope.

I don’t want to store the results of my API call in my database, instead I want the data to exist on the client side, and only be stored later based on other actions.

Also, when calling my API, for some reason it is only populating one record at a time in the database.

Is there something simple I am missing?

I have added my list and am trying to filter my results. How do I get it to display without the cell gaps as displayed below?

Thanks, I deleted the API but not the CALL. Delete the call and it is fine.

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  1. You can use the “Get data from external API” option, in this case the API call has to be a Data call not an Action call

  2. Depends on what you’re calling

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Two. Is a bit of an art form, as you need to get sample calls that return arrays to triggers bubble to let you select the list. But as above, if you have an old call, you may need to delete and recreate to pick up the arrays.

Thanks! I think I might still be missing something.

When I use the API call as a Data source, how do I map it into my repeating group and have the data display? When I make the repeating group’s data source the API, it makes me select one of the response elements.

So I’m not sure how to get the data from the response into the correct spots in the repeating group. I’ve mapped the individual elements as well…is there something I’m missing in the workflow? I think this is probably reasonably basic but I need to get more familiar with the tool.

Thanks for any more help you may be able to provide…

I am pulling back an array into a repeating group here.

You will need to make sure Bubble recognises it as a list. That happens in the Plugin.


@georgeciobanu Any guess as to when OAuth support will be added? I’m having a hell of a time with this.


I knew it was something simple! I hadn’t defined the ‘main list’ in the plug in, so it wasn’t pulling that back. Thanks!!

Hi @georgeciobanu. Do you have an ETA for this feature?



Has anybody tried the API connector with a WordPress site? I have a potential client that insists to have their main site on WordPress and I might do the app in Bubble but I need to be able to use the WordPress site data.

Do they have a JSON api? If yes, you can.


I think this would do it (haven’t tested it though).

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