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API Connector User ID key path from Array

I am configuring my API connector and the ‘User profile endpoint’ has a response that structured like this
“id”: “abc123”,
“accountId”: “abc123”,
“email”: "[email protected]",
“role”: “User”,

I have tried
“User ID key path” = data[0].id
“User email key path” = data[0].profiles[0].email

but alas, it does not seem to work. Any idea?

I see this post: User Created with Empty Email (Custom Google Auth Provider)
which is the same issue I am having, but it went unanswered.

did you get this working?

Does anyone know any solution for this?

I have the user ID and email but inside array, so bubble does not get it, how can I pass it to bubble in the API connector ?

I got it working finally.
This post so anyone now or in the future face the same problem does not go through the torture I went through.
Use: and