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Api connector's body parameters character count limit


I am now
I’m facing a problem that I just can’t solve.

I’m trying to output a clean PDF of an event attendee’s resume.
I want to send the JSON to GAS, and GAS will shape it into a spreadsheet resume, turn it into a PDF, and send it to email.

The information for multiple people will be put in entrydata here.

This is where the problem occurs.
The entrydata does not change dynamically.

What goes into the entrydata is
When the event detail page is loaded
The entrydata is the text of the joson stored in the “spread api” of each user, which is concatenated with “,”.

("," to join them together)

(api post)

I can send the data to each user without any problem, but when I send the data to more than about 20 users, it does not send properly.

Since nothing is being sent, I think the problem is happening on the Bubble side.

Is there a limit to the number of characters in the body parameters?