API - created Data Types aren't available in Backend Workflows

Hi Bubblers!
I’m using a plugin (plaid) that’s creating a few data types that I need to create objects in my database. Since there are many items at a time, I’m trying to use backend workflows, but in the input data type selection, I can’t find the data types.

I think it’s a bug, but not 100% sure. Anyone have this issue or a workaround?


Hello David,

Thank you for your question.

Data from a plugin or the API connector can be stored in a custom data type as a field that will have the call as data type. However, it is not really a data type and cannot be sent directly to a backend workflow. Here you would have to pass a thing containing the call in a field instead.

From the backend workflow, you can also use the “Get data from external API” if the call is of type data. Or trigger the call as an action if it is set to be an action. Let us know if you have further questions.



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