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API data connections no longer working

Anyone else seeing data that’s supposed to be returned from api calls not working and more troubling not even throwing an error in the app?

However in the console I’m seeing a lot of errors like this: this: this.owner.context_element is not a function

I wonder if it’s related to this issue. Might be worthy of a bug report if you can reliably reproduce it.

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Definitely seems to be related. I did file a bug report before posting this with a simple reproducible example page but haven’t heard anything back yet. And now I’m worried that this newly introduced bug isn’t even going to get fixed today.

@eve any updates?

Alguma resposta em relação a este bug? Percebi agora que meu aplicativo também esta assim!

Yea, some of my API calls in bubble are not showing data properly. This needs to be urgently fixed!

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Nenhum agendamento API no meu aplicativo funciona, já fiz testes simples e nada! Fiquei um bom tempo achando que estava fazendo algo errado e tentando encontrar um possível erro, mas agora percebi que é um bug.

Can we please get some kind of update on this recently introduced bug? Bubble is a phenomenal platform but the biggest the hurdle I’m finding in terms of building a software business on it, is that bubble will randomly accidently push changes that completely break apps and then not even seem to be responsive about when these issues will be fixed or if they’re even aware of them.

@josh @emmanuel


I’m escalating this to the team now to make sure someone sees this. Thank you for putting in a bug report and for building the test page, it makes things simpler to track down. So far this doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue, and I can’t guarantee an ETA on a response tonight, but we should able to get to the bottom of this by tomorrow at the latest.

As a side-note, if you tag @bubble on the forum, it goes to the team, which can get eyes on things sooner than tagging individuals (I just happened to see this in my email)


We have an engineer looking into this currently


Thank you! Really appreciate you escalating this, and the tip for tagging just tagging bubble is great to know for future reference

Just to add my 2c here and hope the symptoms I describe below help with the diagnosis. @bubble

We rely heavily on external APIs and many of those APIs are no longer providing response results in the application BUT they are working in the API plugin definitions (where you set up the API in the first place). So I can run them there fine and then when the same API is requesting data for a repeating group for example, there is nothing returned (empty). The input parameters for the API are all 100% correct.

The only way I’ve been able to solve this is to recreate the repeating groups and other objects. This is FATAL right now. Something changed 2 days ago. What was it?

NOTICE: This is pervasive in LIVE / PRODUCTION environments as well. So basically we are no longer operational.

We have a fix that we’re testing; it’s looking like we will get the fix out tonight

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Fix is live. I’m seeing the test page from @jjj230 's bug report work correctly now. Thank you all for your patience

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Any chance you’d be able to elaborate on the root cause of the issue or what components were affected?

I just want to know if I need to let my users know if they need to re-run any actions during the occurrence period. I got a couple of errors on some, but might have missed others

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Has this been pushed to PROD? I’m still seeing our issues in PROD but the one issue we had in development is fixed

@bryan_333 Yeah, I’ll see if the engineer who found the issue is able to write up a quick explanation later today. The issue was fairly deep in our engine, so it’s not entirely straightforward to predict which operations it would have broken.

@tristan Yes, fix should be live to main cluster, scheduled cluster, and any dedicated cluster that was updated yesterday (clusters before yesterday wouldn’t have gotten the bug in the first place). If you’re still seeing issues, it’s very possible it’s an unrelated problem – please make sure you’ve sent in a bug report for your app so the team can investigate

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@bryan_333, and for anyone else interested – Some background on this:

The root cause here was related to conditional states on elements, rather than with API calls in general. I spent some time this morning looking for any other possible manifestations, and it seems likely that the only way to trigger it was the situation you ran into here where a property set by a conditional state with an API value in it wouldn’t be applied. In particular, the scenario to trigger the issue was:

  • an element’s conditional state set one of its properties to a dynamic expression which contained an API call
  • the API call was done on the server (browser-only calls weren’t affected)
  • the API call result hadn’t already been loaded by something else on the page by the time the state activated (cached API calls weren’t affected)

API calls performed from anywhere else (workflows, non-state dynamic expressions, etc.) would not have been affected in any direct way. In theory it’s possible for this to have affected workflows indirectly, if the workflow used a group as a data source and the group’s data was set by an affected conditional state with an API call in it. In this case, the workflow would have been run as usual but would have seen the same value as was displayed in the group. If the group value was displayed to the user, that’s probably what they intended; if it was invisible it may be worth checking up on.


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