API Data sync best practices

We store memberships in a Coda doc. In that doc users are either “Active” or “Unsubscribed”.

There are 400 entries in that doc. My idea is to sync the Coda doc into my Bubble app, match the enties by their email, and see whether the user in Bubble is either Active or Unsubscribed.

What’s the most efficient way to treat API calls and data syncing in this case? Our customers don’t unsubscribe that frequently, so this give me the hunch that pulling all data all the time or doing a ton of API calls for each user would be very inefficient.

I’d love it if someone can weigh in on this…

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@alejandrowunderlich did you get anywhere with this? I’m trying to work out the best way to sync my bubble data with external api data to keep it as up to date as possible.