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API end to end example?

So I have seen in the documentation that you support API calls.

I apologize if I missed it but I need a project that has a Bubble app that I can call using something like Postman so I can see how to write the communication layer of my application in .NET properly.

Also, are comms to my app over HTTPS or does that cost extra ?


Yes you can create API Workflows in Bubble that expose an endpoint.

To enable SSL on your Bubble apps you need to be on the professional plan or higher ($79/month).

“Yes you can create API Workflows in Bubble that expose an endpoint.”
I need working examples of how to do CRUD with those workflows.

Professional Plan @ $80 a month is kind of steep since ALL API calls should use HTTPS… are you using my certificate or yours?

Here’s the docs on APIs:

Otherwise, I’d suggest you signup and start playing around to create the examples you need.

Re: SSL - you’re using Bubble’s cert.

Others on the forum have asked @emmanuel if the option for SSL can be enabled on the $19/month personal plan, but I don’t know the latest on that debate.

Thanks Andrew but I am not interested in figuring out the idiosyncrasies of Bubble…

I need working examples of the features I need to make a technical and financial decision regarding which way to go.

I know how .NET works and how to do the things I want to but I am comparing Azure and Bubble to see which is the better choice for offering canned solutions to customers.

Seems that Bubble might allow me to support and help users better than Azure but the cost is comparable and my client code is .NET as well so that’s nice…

Without knowing how Bubble works (if no one can provide the information and examples for testing) for all the features I need I will simply rule it out as a candidate and move on.

As you wish.

Bubble is in a much earlier stage of development than Azure, and as such there aren’t polished sales pitches… but there are plenty of examples of working apps developed on Bubble and widgets on that you can play around with to see what Bubble can do.

At this stage, you really need to get hands on with Bubble to evaluate what it can do, or pay someone to consult/mockup solutions for you.

Good luck!

Do you work for Bubble, should I simply move on ?

… if they don’t have examples of how it works then why would I pay someone to write the code ?

I already know how .NET works and write it all the time … the idea behind Bubble is to minimize my time to get something built.

I don’t work for Bubble.

@emmanuel is the founder.

OK, I will give them a bit to see if they reply before i rule out the product …thanks!

When you say you want working examples though, what do you need exactly?

A demo of how API workflows work? If so you could set one up in about 5 minutes.

Depending what it is, maybe I can setup an example for you.


If you are using a subdomain, all communications are over SSL for free.

Like I said … I simply need a table with multiple fields in it and examples of how to setup individual API calls to create, read, edit and delete the data in the table…

That’s kind of why I was shocked they didn’t have an example …

We have a few examples here, in particular covering how to read data. We’re currently working on documentation so we’ll add that on the list of things to cover.


Thanks, I will look through that…