API endpoint data upload is in a single cell -> want multiple entries

Hello bubblers,

I am currently trying to upload data from my endpoint in bubble via a POST request from my code. But what happens is that all the data gets saved in 1 cell, and I want every entry to have a separate cell.

This is what the endpoint gets from the code:

And here we have the data from the database:

Any suggestions?

Best regards.

My workflow is as the following:

Figured out a way to get separate entries, tho it seems counter-intuitive. I have to make a workflow for every entry i want to save.

ID = Request Data’s issueID: item# 1
ID = Request Data’s issueID: item# 2
ID = Request Data’s issueID: item# 3
ID = Request Data’s issueID: item# 4
ID = Request Data’s issueID: item# 5
All the way up to the number of entries #150-300 for the current data supplied to the endpoint and this varies from day to day.

Is there not a better way to do this, so that i can save all entries as seperate entries in the database when it is posted to the endpoint?

Hope someone can help, as it really makes my daily worklife so much easier.

Best regards,

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