API Endpoint Payload Limits

I want to receive large, base64-encoded files in my app’s public endpoint. However, when I post strings for files larger than 5MB to the endopoint the app times out and doesn’t return a HTTP 200.

Strangely enough however, the files are still created in the database and can be accessed at a later point.

Any ideas how to fix this? What are API payload limits in bubble? Any way to work around this?


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hi @maru! did you figure this out?

I’m facing a similar issue when making a POST call to my backend - however, I find that Bubble begins making multiple API calls to my server when it doesn’t immediately receive a response (saving the file in my backend takes a little time). The files are created properly on my server but the endpoint just times out on Bubble’s side when I’m initialising the call! Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated :smiley:

There are different ways to solve it:

  • more capacity for your bubble app might solve the issue. When I went up to a higher plan with more capacity, calls stopped timing out.
  • work with an intermediary a solution like integromat and handle the processing outside of bubble. I setup a workflow with integromat where the decoding of base64 string was done on their end and the decoded file was posted to my app’s endpoint. this worked quite well, but adds extra cost to your setup.