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Api for customer user to import data

I’ve the idea to offer an API to my customers for importing some data. Right now they can do it via csv import.

Is there a plugin available or how can I do this?


Yes, you can. You can create a Workflow API for them to load data via calling the API.

If you run the API through Postman it will create the documenation for you as well.

thanks @NigelG . Its working fine.

Any idea how I can do the following:
1st: add a relation of the thing (created by api) to the current user?
2nd: create the api private key only for this user and by his own

  1. Send the current user as a parameter (or use some sort of user id and look up the user)
  2. You can create API keys per used in the Settings (but it isn’t automated)
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