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API GET Record Throttling?

Good Afternoon Bubblers,

I’ve recently set up Zoho to explore using the Bubble API in reports, and dashboards. I’ve successfully used the Zoho Report import of the Bubble JSON feed, but I’m only showing 100 results, and I’ve not knowingly put a cap on the number of records.

There are more than 100 records in the Donor table

Before I raise an issue with Zoho, I’m curious if Bubble is implementing throttling or limited records?



I used the same API string with Google Sheets, and it’s only returning 100 records, so it seems this isn’t limited to Zoho.


See this

Thanks. So the limit is 100, and the default is 100.
No way to increase the limit?

Did you read the reference? It mentions pagination, which is a standard practice. You can do additional calls to get more items.

I did read the documentation. I’m trying to at least populate the initial table, and I understand the desire to limit records, but having to paginate the calls is a hassle.

I also understand the nature of Bubble is transactional, but for reporting it’s becoming quite a hassle.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’m using Zoho Reports, and the JSON API import only has one place to specify an import string.
To populate the initial data, I’ve changed the cursor in 100 increments, but this isn’t a reliable solution going forward, and doesn’t account for any deleted records.

How would I configure a solution to receive all the updates (or push them from Bubble), not just the first 100?