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API html response

Hi there!

I need to set up a get request. In postman it works good and returns response which is automatically recognized as an html. But in bubble API connector it can only be recognized as an XML or text and with absolutely different content

Does anyone know what’s the reason of that and how can I get an html response to put it to html element directly? Thanks in advance



Hi @yuriy ,
You can setup your API connector of return data as “TEXT”.

And then use this text response into your html element.

Hey @mani2726

Yes, ofc I tried, but it returns another content which is not the same as from Postman.

It returns the same content as with XML type but just by one string

So it doesn’t work for me :pensive:

Still need help guys

Hi @yuriy,
Tried in my app, it was working,

Thank you @mani2726!
It was something else