API import to database - limiting at 255 entries

Hi - I am a brand new user.

I have followed an excellent video by Jacob Gershkovich called How to Save Data From an API to Your Bubble Database.

This all works, but I cannot get it to import more than 255 entries in to the database.

My Teamwork.com account where I am calling the data from using the API has approximately 13700 task entries in it. When I run the APP it takes I while and eventually stops at 255 entries in the database.

I only need a specific 380 or so of these tasks and have tried using a ONLY WHEN conditional rule on the Backend API Workflow to get just these but that only returned 7 results. Incidentally, when checking the raw data I am trying to import, I find that there are only 7 of the entries I want within the first 255 records of the data. Surely this is not a coincidence?

Neither the normal import or the ONLY WHEN seem to work as expected - does anyone have any ideas why?

I need only about 350 of these records, but I need to pull in or process all 13700 to get them.

I could upload the data to seed the database and then run an API Workflow to just get newly created entries after that upload, but I’d like to understand why this is not working.

Many thanks

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Their API docs says:

Meaning they don’t let you retrieve all 13700 tasks at once. Need to create a loop to “collect” all the results you want iterating through each page of results.

Bubble needs a solution for this cause this happens way too often and I don’t really know a solid solution. Recursive workflow make sense until you realize you can’t use Plugin datatypes as parameters for backend workflows :man_facepalming:

And you need to use query parameters per their API docs to only get the results you want, instead of trying to bring in all ~14000 and filtering in Bubble (unless you really have to)

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Thanks for the guidance

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