API in backend workflows is different then in settings

Hi there!

I’m trying to connect Mollie / Ideal payment to my platform, but I’m having issues making a backend workflow with the API.

When I try to make a workflow in the backend workflow with the API, I click “detect data”, I see this popup, and it does not do anything.

I figured it is probably not working since the API url in the settings is different then this one (because I changed the domain)

How do I change either of them, to make it work?

Thanks for you help!


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Hi @danielle1

I’m having the same issue. Did you find the solution?


Hi guys :wave:

Try to remove the “/initialize” from the URL of your POST/GET.

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In the end, the integration works even with “/initialize”

The weird thing is that the endpoint URL is the name when the APP was created and not with the custom domain current active for the app.

Anyway, , thanks @rpetribu for your help :wink: