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API initialization issues

First time posting in a while, but have been using bubble for quite some time. I’m having a little bit of trouble using an API and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if it’s a bubble issue.

I’m creating an app that uses FAA Aviation charts, and there’s an API (AviationAPI: that provides the link to the pdf charts in JSON based on an ‘apt’ key (the airport ICAO identifier.)

My issue is, when I try to initialize the API it returns as {“KPHX”: {“General”: [… (KPHX is the passed parameter ‘apt’ key) but bubble is initializing it as {“KPHX.General”: [… and it’s making it impossible to use because it doesn’t adapt to the ‘apt’ key that I provide in the workflow. I have tried all of the various options related to the parameter but no matter what, it will only let me use “KPHX General” even when I just try to use the Call itself as data.

Any ideas?

Can you give link to API Doc of the endpoint you are trying to reach?


Which endpoint?

Can you share your API Settings?

Also I’ve tried with and without the blank setting

Issue is not Bubble (more a limitation) but how API return data. (And they don’t follow their own output example)…

This is a dictionnary and Bubble can not really work well with this kind of data. You can create a plugin (not using API connector). But it might be complex.

Okay great, I’ll work on a plug-in for it. Thanks!