API Integration Issues

HI guys, I am having issues with the API Integration

Looks like you are having issues.

You are getting a Status code 500 error

the ID of the error is 246876

The error is ‘TypeError’

The message of the error is “Canno read properties of undefined (reading ‘includes’)”

You should check with the API provider documentation to see what a 500 error code indicates as well as for the particular ID.

In the future if you are posting about API issues, it would be best to do the following:

  1. State which API you are trying to connect to
  2. Provide a link to the API documentation
  3. Show screen shots of your setup in the API connector

With the 3 pieces of information above, it may be possible for somebody to help you understand how to fix the issue.

Without #1 above, impossible for somebody to tell you what is wrong.

Without #2 above, it makes it less likely somebody without prior experience using the API you are having issues with could quickly scan the docs and point out your issue.

Without #3 above it makes it nearly impossible to tell you what you have done wrong in the setup, or at the very least causes for long unnecessary back and forth messages trying to explain the setup.