API Limitation in Bubble

Just playing around with an AI Image API.

The API requires an array of Images but in the Curl call, it is escaped each line. "\"

When making a call to Initialize, it works fine as Bubble allows me to put 4 inputs of the same param name “tune[images]”.

I get a response OK and it passes each image file over correctly.

However, when using this within Bubble to make a call, the Bubble UI is flattening the multiple inputs to one “tune[images]”. I believe it does this because it is a param with the same name.

As a result, when calling the API, Bubble is passing the array of images into “tune[images]” 4 times which causes the call to return an error.

If Bubble was to acknowledge the separate inputs in the Plugin where you Initialize the API call and reflect this in the Bubble UI, it would allow for one to overcome this limitation.

I have asked the API provider to update their API to accept an array of image URLs but this wouldn’t solve the root issue of course.