API not returning a list of Things

I have 2 Bubble apps: Reabra and GIGAFy.
For Context: Reabra is the marketplace and GIGAfy is one of the sellers on the marketplace. Reabra has the databases and APIs.

On Reabra, I created an API that takes the input address-zip and returns a list of Fiberhoods.

On GIGAfy, it works as expected. GIGAfy can POST to that Reabra API and get a list of Fiberhoods which allows GIGAfy to populate a repeating group with what is returned.

On Reabra, it doesn’t work. It gives me the following error:


Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Here is what the Reabra API with focus on what it is returning:

On the page, here is the RG that I want to populate:

And here is the workflow that triggers that API (focus on the API call):

And with focus on how I want to use the return: