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API only executes once per session


I have an API connector to SendOwl (a service for processing payments to a subscription) which searches the User’s subscription status once the payment to the subscription has been processed.

The subscription status of a paying customer is virtually immediately updated to ‘active’ in the SendOwl dashboard.

I have a button workflow (see screenshot) with a condition to only run when an API search call to SendOwl is returned with a result of ‘active’ state for the current user, the actions in the workflow imply makes several updates to the DB.

The issue that I have is that even though the status in SendOwl is updated to ‘active’ the WF/API connector fails to fetch the state of the users subscription unless the app is refreshed.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is the case?

Same issue here… How do we refresh an api call without refreshing the page ??