API Parameter Issue

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect the Sportsdata.io API and I’m facing an issue when I try to get the " Competition Fixtures (League Details)" which is calling for a parameter.

The parameter is supposed to be CompetitionId which generated by a previous Get (see screenshot)

Is is because the data is not stored that it cannot be referred as the parameter ? What should be the way to integrate this parameter in my scenario

Thanks in advance!

You need to include the ‘CompetitionId’ value in order to initialize the call.

So just copy and paste it from the response of the ‘API Get Competition Hierarchy’ in order to initialize it.

Then then you run the API calls in a workflow you can reference the ID from the first call in the second call (you’ll need to uncheck ‘private’ next to the CompetitionId parameter in order to do this).

Thanks for your answer Adam.

I followed your advice but it seems that it doesn’t accept the initialization.

Then it seems that I can’t select the new API as it is not itinitialized.

Thanks for your help!

Did you include a valid competition ID?

Thanks a lot Adam it does work now!

After studying the sportdata api documentation (Soccer API Developer Portal | Data Feeds | SportsDataIO) I’m struggling with displaying a repeating group showing today’s soccer matches.

Can’t find how to make the link between those 2 APIs in order to set the right parameters and dynamic data to show the next games informations like teams, odds, etc.

Anyone familiar with this APi and could help me do that?

Thanks everyone,


Is there anyone who could help me with this?

Have you been able to solve that problem? I’m currently facing the same one…