API Plugin Body with sub Objects witch lists

I have an API Post request that should upload the following data →

“dateTime” : “”,
“symptomName” : “”,
“bodyPart” : “”,
“intensity” : ,
“intensityValue”: “”,
“ExtraData” :
“factors” : [""],
“duration”: “”,
“otherSypmtoms” : [""],
“freeText” : “”

but it is not working. Also Factors should be a list of strings not a string. If it is not possible I may can alter the API backend to take a string and split it by a seperator.

But I am having problems with the extraData… In Postman it works with the Json. but from bubble the extraData does not arrive.

Thank you,
kind regards. =)

Are you passing in values for each one or just passing it like you show above. If like above then I would say make sure to add empty string to “intensity”. The list of strings should not be an issue. Also a screen shot of what you have in your API Connector and a screenshot of the error will help tremendously in finding the solution.