Api process customer id + card id


I face a struggle to why the API process responded like this

I created this token for this API by passing the customer id & card id "needed to generate the token for the charge using the saved card "

But why say it not match, even though I took the customer id & card id from the same API charge call response?

Hi arumizan,

without seeing the API setup it is a bit difficult.

One possible solution could be that the parameter in the API connector is still set to private, which means it will not pass the data dynamically, but will only parse the data that is in the API setup, which has been used to authenticate the API.

I unchecked the private

Did it solve the problem?

Note: Token id and Customer id are required to store the cards. Save Card feature is not enabled by default, Please contact our support team to get enabled

This is from the payment provider , I’m not sure if this the reason , but the saving card request succeeded .

No , i did before

Okay, which payment provider is it that you are trying to subscribe to?

Tap payment

I am not too familiar with Tap, but from looking at the API documentation, all their POST requests requires Bearer tokens for them to work, even the Save a Card POST call.

Have you tried passing in the customer ID and token here API Docs and then selecting “Try it out”?

This should tell you quickly if the data you have is correct.

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meaning it will retrieve the id customer that match the id card , right?

Yeah, in the API documentation, there is an option for trying out the API’s with your information, so if you use the Get List all Cards under Cards, you should be able to add in your Bearer token and Customer ID, and it will retrieve a list of cards associated with that user

I just tried but got error This the customer id


Which code error did you get? It should be able to tell you something about the nature of the error.

As far as I can read the documentation, without setting up an account, if you pass the API key as the Bearer Token and follow the steps, there should be no issues when running the test examples on the website.

If you parse the customer ID through the Retrieve a Customer API what is the status of the response then?