Api Request integer not working

Hey Bubbelers,
I have a quick question.
I’m trying to make an API call, but bubble thinks that the number 15 is a string, so my call doesn’t work.
Does anyone know how I can enter the number 15?


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I just completed my OpenAI api integration. I used the body to send all my parameters. Try sending the the token, temperate, penalty all via the body in Json format

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Everything goes in the body

  "prompt": "a mand is a request or command. these are the results of a mand assessment.\nMand Milestone: 1, 2 \nDescription: Currently this learner is able to emit a few mands. These consist of primary reinforcers and caregier physical attention. No mands are emitted purely spontaneosly implying all require at least a prompt of \"what do you want?\". The child only mands for items that are present and in sight. They are unable to request mort reinforcers nor can they appropriately mand for the removal or termination of aversive stimulation.\nMand Milestone: 1 \nDescription: This child emits only a couple of signs or words. This child typically requires some sort of echoic, imitative, or another prompt to evoke functional requests. This child does not spontaneously use language to meet his basic wants and needs. This child only engages in this behavior with the primary caregivers. The child frequently indicates current motivation by pulling or pointing at items. \nMand Milestone: 1, 2\nDescription: This child can emit up to 4 mands without prompts, though the desired item must be present and visible to evoke an appropriate request. This child does not generalize requests across caregivers and does not ask for items not present. They occasionally still indicates a desire for items or activites by pulling or pointing or some other gesture. \nMand Milestone: 1, 2, 3\nDescription: This child's manding repertoire is beginning to generalize across stimuli, caregivers, and environments. They will ask for at least 6 different items without prompts. This child readily echos most prompted mands, however, mands are not regularly acquired in the absence of direct training. \nMand Milestone: 1, 2, 4, 5\nDescription: This child is able to mand for up to 15 discrete items without any prompting whether or not the item is present. With the assistance of verbal and gestural prompts, the child is able to emit a wide variety of single word mands for toys, foods, and other items. During the assessment a splinter skill was identified in that they are unable to demonstrate generalized manding in that they only mand with their primary caregivers and no other people nor do they mand outside the context of the home. However, the caregiers report the mands do generalize across items and activites. \nMand Milestones: 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 \n Description:This child is able to mand for a wide variety of reinforcers without prompts other than 'what do you need?'. These items can be present or not present. They have a generalized mand repertoire that is demonstrated to occurr across people, places, and stimuli. He has just begun emitting mands which contain 2 or more words (not including, 'I want')(e.g. 'go fast', 'more apple', 'me kitty'). This learner is able to mand for at least 5 different actions or activites which require the assitance of a caregiver.\nMand Milestones: <mandmilestones>\n Description:",
  "max_tokens": 500,
  "top_p": 1,
  "n": 1,
  "stream": false,
  "logprobs": null,

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I will try

Thank you