API Request Limit (Caching question)

I am developing an application which uses an external API to modify and retrieve data from Google Sheets (As a JSON). However, the API I am using (Sheety API) has a request limit of around 50,000 requests. When I use the “get data from external API” data source, does it cache the response or does it make a new one every time. If it is making a new one, is there any work around to it? I was thinking of using custom JavaScript to save the JSON and then creating new instances of Bubble datatypes, but I can’t seem to find any documentation/feature that supports this. Also, is there anyway to bundle up POST requests? Any input would be helpful!

Note: The project uses a vast amount of data, so I want to be able to access it all from just one GET request, rather than having to make a new one every time I want to extract one cell from Google Sheets.