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General question regarding Bubble and API’s…

Using Bubble’s own API Connector, if for example I made a request to an external API that took some time to process something, like a POST operation to convert a video file or something, and in the response back I get a “token” which I could then use to monitor that action until a return value of “complete” is set, how do you set that up?

I don’t know if you can keep polling that token until the correct status code is returned. The way I’m thinking is that you just run another request every 5 seconds until the correct value is returned but is that the right way of doing it, or the only way?

I could do that but wanted to ask first before setting something like that up.


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Did you ever get an answer?

Hi Spencer, nope no answer unfortunately but I did implement that way in the end. I was using the Uploadcare plugin with videos so wanted a status message to stay on the screen until the conversion operation had finished, I was able to use an API request to check the status of the conversion every couple of seconds and when it returned a completed value then I removed the status.

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