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API request - save body multiple times - possible?

I’ve an API request where I get the following body:

Fields: ID; amount product a; amount poduct b; amount product c
data sample: #123; 500; 400; 300

This is something that I can save in the database easily. BUT I need to create 3 things out of one body.

Out of the example above I have to create the following:
bubble db fields: api-id;value;product name
#123; 500; product a
#123; 400; product b
#123; 300; product c

How can it do this?

any idea?

You’ll need to use the ‘Schedule API workflow on a list’ action but it’s hard to comment on how exactly this is best implemented without screenshots of the popup when you initialize the call in the first place (so we can see the returned data structure clearly).