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API Response from Zoho Reports - 1 Column for each Letter

Good Afternoon,

I’m trying to use the Bubble API Connector to connect to Zoho reports, to pull a sample export of User information.
I’ve included my authtoken in the GET string, since it didn’t seem to work elsewhere.

In any case, the result I’m getting is that each letter of each value returned is being interpreted as its own column.
The user table only has 26 records in it, and the table in Zoho Reports looks like this (this comes right from a Bubble export):

What am I doing wrong here?

Here’s how I’ve set up the Bubble API connector to Zoho Reports:

The rest of the parameters are:
ZOHO_DELIMITER = 2 (this sets the delimiter to a semicolon)

And finally, the Bubble results when I initialize the call:
You can see that columns 0, 1, 2, 3… spell out “(response…” referencing the JSON response from the server.

27,000 columns later, at the bottom of the response is the raw response, which is closed to what i’d expect:

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It tends to do that when you tell it that it should be Jason but isn’t. Maybe you are getting an XML error… And it is being read as JSON. Trying changing the drop down.

Thanks for the reply, Nigel.

When I flipped the Data Type from JSON to XML, the error I got was:

Looks like the data type on the call should be an image. Not JSON.

Try changing it

Hi Ali - Thanks for the suggestion. this is report data, not an image.

Looks like it wants XML then ?

Using XML Data Type and output

yields this:

The raw output looks ok, but it’s hung up on the first column when it parses the response

I’ve tried the query in Postman, and it returns the XML fine (so far as I can see)

Our XML support isn’t great, which probably explains that issue, not sure we can fix this easily, but it would be helpful to share a link with the community

Thanks for your help. Which link were you asking me to share?

Well a link to your app…

The raw response of your call isn’t a JSON, it’s a text. So if you make it text it will work. Unfortunately we don’t support lists of texts, so this will be returned as a plain text. But you can probably use some utilities service like Blockspring to parse it into a list of texts.

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Thanks for investigating, and helping. I’ll try some more things to see what works.