API response maximum execution time limit?

hey I’m running a workflow were I need to wait for the response of a POST api call, I’m seeing that often times bubble just skips to the next step and my nexts steps run as if the response is blank. ( I have connected to the api endpoint with postman and I’m getting consistently a response back) I’m suspecting is because the api response time is super slow… +13 secs…. does bubble has a maximum wait time for API calls through the connector?

20 seconds I believe.

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And I Assume there’s no way to change this setting…

I believe Bubble is relying on AWS API gateway for making API calls within the Bubble app and getting back responses. The AWS API gateway has a maximum response wait time of 30 seconds for sending a response.

If you have to call an API like this I recommend a coded approach (unfortunately don’t see a no code option):

  1. Set up 2 AWS lambda functions
  2. Your Bubble app calls one AWS Lambda function and that functions triggers the other AWS Lambda function without waiting for a response from the other AWS lambda function it sends a response back to Bubble something like {“status”: “Call in progress”}
  3. Your second AWS lambda function will then call whatever API you are ultimately trying to connect to and this function iself has a much longer wait time…up to 15 minutes…so you wait for th response inside of this function.
  4. Finally your second AWS Lamba function can take the response from the API you wanted to call and send this data back to Bubble via a Bubble API workflow that was made public or the Bubble Data API.

Hope this helps!

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