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We have an API service (SOAP/XML) that the bubble is structuring the return, of two ways in time of execution:

  1. In a form when there is only one element and

  2. From another structure when it returns more than one element (list).

We only need to make one call to the API and this API can only return one element or several elements and it could not change the reading inside the Bubble, as the references must be unique for the given API.

If I initialize the API sending the result with only one element as a parameter, the bubble creates a structure and if I send the parameter that returns more than one element, the bubble structures differently (list), but during the application use, there will be moments that return 1 or more records.

Has anyone been through something similar?

For Bubble support, they inform that they are more REST/API friendly but we have SOAP/XML services.

Thank you for your help