API text returning "&" instead of "&"

Can someone help me? I’m calling the Twitter API to return a tweet, and whenever the tweet has an “&”, it displays “&” instead. Must be a simple fix, but simply unable to fix it.

Thanks in advanced!

This may not be the cleanest of fixes, but if that’s the only problem, consider a simple Find and Replace on the text…



That’s Twitter for you. Weird API. Should just be &amp that needs replacing.

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Thanks for the tip.
Where should I put this Find & Replace?
In the workflow that triggers the tweet to be displayed? Or in the text element itsself?

Either way, I get an error when I try to do it.

That’s up to you really, as long as the text is shown. If you pull it in once into the database but show it in many different places, I would probably do the transform at the point of getting it from Twitter instead of doing the transform in many places later.

Show the error here and maybe I or someone else can figure it out.