Api worfklow on list for mailing issue

I had a postmark mailing that used to work fine but now doesn’t and I don’t understand why.



When I look at the scheduler it’s already 9:30 (current time ) and the 9:00 are still here :

if anyone can help me thank you

You are passing a user to the call not an email, make sure that you are passing an email by changing the parameter type to text and the input to This User’s email.

@Codebyjamal thanks for the answer.
I’m going to try this on my next mailing because for the current one I’ve done otherwise.
In order to understand better, can you tell me why by doing this I won’t have the problem anymore? is it a problem for bubble to make the schedul at the moment of clicking?

yes, [review the second answer]

@Codebyjamal ok so like this :

Yes, also remove the space in the parameter name and check that the action is matching

Hey again, it’s working in test mode (for 3 users) but not in live mode (2k users)
edit even for 1 user it doesn’t work in live mode


I put 60sec in live mode thinking long time could hepl but no

Put the postmark api in the api shared parameters on the top