API Workflow 'text field' not changing

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to create monthly subscription for donation to this charity’s website so i need bubble to get the info from stripe that say (a user has subscribed) i have a web hook for when a user signs up

and when that happens it should trigger this workflow to change the text field ‘subscription status’

And that all works fine but when i have it the other way around when i have a trigger for when someone cancels the subscription

It does not update and just leaved it as the first text

Please Help!!!


Are you using by any chance the Bubble made Stripe plugin?

If so, it is as easy as checking for the current user stripe subscription status

ah so i don’t have to use a webbook

yeap :+1:


but if i was to use the web hooks because i need other info as well do you know of the problem because everything else is working I just wondering why it will not update the text field

You have to experiment with Stripe webhook triggers. The one being used may not be what you are looking for.

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