API Workflow to return array of things from list of another type


I’m trying to setup an API workflow that receives a value from an external source (Value X). The workflow then searches all of the Type A things where Field A1 equals Value X (passed in from outside). There is only 1 Type A thing that will have a Field A1 that matches Value X (it is a unique serial). Type A has a field that is a List of Type B. Type B has a Field B2 that is a text string.

I want to return an array of the values from Field B2 for all of the Type B things that were found in the List of Type B field from the Type A thing who’s Field A1 matched Value X.

I’m getting hung up on how to design this in the workflow editor.

Should I be copying a list of Type A as a temporary list to search against?


You can write the expression like this:

Search for Type A's Type B's Field B2

The search has constraint: Field A1 = Value X

So, to assign some human-friendly labels:

Type A = Car
Field A1 = License Plate Number
Type B = Manufacturer
Field B2 = Name

Search for Car’s (where Plate Number = External Value to match) Manufacturer’s Name

This would return a list of Manufacturer names only for those cars where the plate number matched X.


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My example was too confusing:)

Human-friendly labels:

Tyoe A = Car
Field A1 = VIN Number
Field A2 = List of Type B
Type B = Tires (Assume each tire is unique)
Field B2 = Air pressure in Tire

I’m trying to be able to pass the API a parameter for the VIN number, find the car it belongs to, then identify the tires on that car from the list of tires field and return an array of the air pressure from each of the tires as the output of the API.

This was very helpful. I got it to work. Thank you!

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