API workflow unables page navigation

I am experiencing extreme long loading times when navigating to another page if I activated a workflow. Is this a temporary issue or do I misunderstand the concept of server API’s? The reason why I use API workflows is that many of my workflows involves updating lists with a deep search queries.

So what I am experiencing know is (I have 2 pages in the app) if I open page 1 it loads fast. If I navigate to the second page it lost real fast. Now I do something on one of the pages and try to navigate to the other page then the page hangs for one minute before it navigates to the other page.

I figured out if I do a simple autobinding workflow it does not slowdown. Otreally are the API server workflow. I also played with the parameter keys. I reduced one API workflow to only the “parent group user” and do all searches on the API endpoint. Still this API workflow resulted in a one minute delay of navigating to the next page.

Is this a temoporary issue or do server API’s need to have the page opened when for example the key is “parent groups user”?

Are you scheduling an “API on a list” ?

In that case it will wait until they are all scheduled.

The way round this is to trigger an API with the LIST you want to change, then use THAT API to schedule the API calls on the list you passed across.

Verify your logs with cpu usage, and the plan you are on. API and workflows has been separated on sharing resources. One or the other isn’t supposed to affect performance.

Hi Nigel,

Yes indeed API on a list. This certainly explains why it takes so long.

I have no idea how to build your solution? Is there an example available on the forum?

My CPU is fine. I will update once I build the solution.

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Have a look here.

Instead of scheduling the workflows on a list, it calls a single API workflow, which then schedules the list.


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It is waiting for the whole list to have their API workflows scheduled (but not run) before doing the page nav. That is why it is slow, rather than CPU.

Hi Nigel, I am not able to open your link. It redirects me back to my own bubble’s dashboard.

Sorry, have made it public.

Thanks Nigel, I will dive into that