API Workflow / Weird Email List Build Issue

I am trying to do a simple task of creating a backend workflow that makes it so that when lockers are registered and need a sticker, a list of names is sent to the Print Room. I have a page that filters the list of lockers by lockers that do not have a sticker and the status has recently been changed to ‘in use.’ So I used the same criteria for the API workflow… if anything in the registration list has ‘in use’ and ‘no’ for sticker, email it.

However, it’s doing weird thing where it’s sending multiple emails until it builds the list of names. It starts with one or two names, then adds another set in a second email, and so on until it gives you the full list. It’s so bizarre. What is going on here?

Below is what I have…

These are examples of emails I will get.



It wouldn’t automatically send multiple emails if that’s what you are saying it is doing.

When you schedule the workflow for 3 minutes in the future, you are setting the sticker-list at the time of scheduling, so any changes to that search between the time you scheduled it and the actual time it runs won’t reflect (if this is related to your issue)

Also do you have any issue with the formatting? Like you want:
PrimaryName1 - ShareName1
PrimaryName2 - ShareName2

instead of how you have it now:
PrimaryName1, PrimaryName2
ShareName1, ShareName2

That random comma on your 2nd screenshot means it displayed the two ShareName’s Name fields but they had empty values (either privacy rules preventing you from seeing those values or they are actually empty)

The final direction will be to have this run a sticker list about 3 hours after changes are made to the list. We get registrations made sporadically here and there for a while and then it’s done (usually in about a 2 hour time frame). I want them to pile up and then be sent in a nice list for the Print Room. So yeah, the idea would be just to allow the search results to be modified from the time the initial change was made.

Yes, the formatting is something I would like to improve. Right now I’m just testing to see if it works. This was so wonky and off-putting that it side-tracked me. I would like to group 1 and 1 together and 2 and 2 together if possible. Haven’t gotten that far though.

Those are empty values you are seeing where you have commas.

EDIT: Sorry, yes, it is sending multiple emails at one time. Here is the send list. It had a lot more the first time I sent it. The second time had four. This last time two.


:thinking: …​​ I don’t think you are but just confirming you aren’t doing “Schedule an API workflow on a list” action anywhere?

No, it’s just the regular Schedule API Workflow option.

I do have the ‘Is a list/array’ checkbox ticked in sticker-list so that I can list the registrations. Otherwise it’s telling me I can’t do a list of names.

Yea that is correct then… :man_shrugging:

Maybe the built in email is bugged… Could you try making a free Postmark account and use the Postmark plugin by @vini_brito ?

Ppl don’t really use the built in email action anyways

Oh really? Interesting. I don’t have much experience with the email action, so I wouldn’t know. I will definitely check it out. Thank you for your help and direction!

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Not sure if that is the fix for your issue, but your workflow seems pretty straight forward so all I can think of is the built in email action is :poop:

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