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API Workflow with Custom Workflows

I mainly use API for running back-end processes so my user don’t wait. (as said here
Bulk Actions and Scheduled WorkFlow API)

I’m a bit limited while I would like to use it more.
@emmanuel Do you plan to plan to implement Custom Workflow in the API Workflows someday ?

instead of having WF1 => IF ConditionA=True, Trigger WF2
the only workaround I have right now is to delay the delay of WF 2 of +15 seconds checking.

thinking that it may also able us to copy-paste Custom WF directly in the API section (not as endpoints but WF of course). I get that action with API are very different from action with common WF, but telling you is a bit frustrating having to re-write again one-by-one the API WFs.

I would have thought keeping the logic outside of the API was preferable ?

I trigger endpoints from different pages of my app. So I would prefer having some logic at the API level than copying the same logic on these pages. But right, I can use a Custom WF in a reusable element to do so.