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API Workflows only on live version

Hello, i setup an API workflow that is triggered everyday at 4pm. within that workflow it has an email setup to send users an email with a count of unfinished form entries for a specific form (do a search for form with status field = incomplete:count)

I am having a problem where its being triggered only on development site and not the live site. is there some setting i missed to only make this API work for live? i looked under the conditionals for the API Workflows and i can only find to trigger when isnt live version. i would need the reverse. anyone else run into this problem?


Did you deploy to live?

Also, how the workflow is triggered?

yes it is on the live and development.

its triggered using zapier.

Did you change your link in zapier for the “live” one? (remove version-test or replace “test” for “live”)

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no. thank you. that makes sense now. lol

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I came across this thread when I was having both development and live runb the apis going in to Integromat and I only wanted it from live. Usefully “isn’t live” mentioned above can be used to only run for live by saying double negative that “isn’t live” equals No. So this fixed it seems my slightly different issue. I was unable to use the condition on the trigger in the workflow but could include it it on the actions within the trigger to just not run them if development.