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APIs stopped working : Circular structure error

Hello the community,

I have a trouble with API. It worked perfectly but since I deployed a live version, I got this error and the informations I need are not pulled anymore :

Converting circular structure to JSON. Data was Object, with fields: _api_c2_success, _api_c2_status, _api_c2_jsessionid, _api_c2_response.attributionURL, _api_c2_response.currentPageNumber, _api_c2_response.totalNumberOfPages, _api_c2_response.totalRecordCount, _api_c2_response.employers, _id

It seems the answer structure has been changed…Any thoughts?



I’m getting the exact same! I have a call to Mailchimp API in the API connector that has been working perfectly for months and has not been touched. I checked on the page today and noticed nothing was loading. Debugger is showing a similar “Converting circular structure to JSON” error.

Ok, happy from not being alone!

For me, it comes from various API from API connector, It seems the ones where I extract datas from list…

Yeah, mine is from a single GET call for a repeating group.

Can you file a bug report?

I did before this was posted actually! A little over an hour ago I think.

Could this be related to the SEND EMAIL workflow not working anymore in development and production?

For me it comes from classic API connector calls, not related to SEND EMAIL…

Also suddenly getting errors for a plugin (API) that was working fine before. “Sorry we ran into a temporary bug…”

This is fixed for me! I noticed someone else said an update was pushed recently re: API Connector… Thanks @emmanuel !

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