App architecture advice

Been working with Bubble now for a couple of weeks and want to get something live. Well, two things: a tracking and management system for the building work I do as well as some evolving OpenAI things. Either one may be a future stand-alone but I want to keep them under one paid plan for now. Customers will use the building portion but only I will be on the OpenAI right now.

Can the index page just contain a login and then links to both sections? Does bubble limit the actual number of pages in an app? What advantages for using my own domain vs bubble hosted?

A separate but related question: why isn’t there a FAQ or category covering deployment to the web? Seems like this would be a common request, perhaps its all self-explanatory?

Any advice appreciated. Thank you!

Yes, of course… the index page can contain anything you like

Does bubble limit the actual number of pages in an app?

Not that I’m aware of (there may well be some hard limit, but I’ve never heard of it, and it’s not mentioned in the docs, as far as i can see).

It looks better and more professional for one thing…

To deploy your app you just click ‘Deploy To Live’… that’s about all there is to it, so I’m not sure what an FAQ would involve?..

(unless you’re specifically asking about branches and version control, in which case there’s a whole section in the manual devoted to that…)

I’m thinking something for the non-sw-engineer customer segment who has never built a web app.

So it seems a discussion of domains belongs there—eg you parked a domain years ago and now what does Bubble need to use it? Looks like common related questions are buried in the forum.

And will branches and version control ever be discussed outside of the deployment context? I know there are differences across the plans, but wouldn’t that logically belong under deployment?

Are there any database considerations? Is there a management dashboard? Are there any plugins? I like to read thru unfamiliar things first so I understand what to expect but, personal preference.

Even if everything is abstracted into just one button click, first time deployment seems like the Bubble magic moment. Just seems like they’re missing the opportunity for a drum roll I guess.