App availability and load time

Wanted to report that the last 2 days Bubble has been almost unusable for me. Specifics:

  • I am not live, I’m in development. However, I’ve been deep into Bubble development for many months and haven’t experienced these problems.
  • After login, my app screen doesn’t present my list of apps at times.
  • When I finally do get to edit my app, it takes a long time to load.
  • After some short period of time, the app will no longer save. I get the “Timeout” issue in the banner.
  • Have experienced this twice this morning at about 10:30 and 10:45 PST.

Checked the status and Bubble is reporting all services are operational, but it seems like there are still lingering issues. Is anyone else experiencing this?

If you scroll the status page you will see that bubble had accidents past few days.

But it’s showing full uptime today. However, there’s a high severity issue going on right now that’s preventing people from using the service. So instead of “All systems operational”, I’d like to see:

  1. Recognition that there is a high severity OPEN issue. Something like: “Problems with cluster are preventing users from loading and developing apps”.
  2. Accurate status showing the service is not operational (at least for some).
  3. No less than hourly updates for something of this severity.

Big fan of Bubble, the company, etc. and recognize they are doing their best to stay on top of things, especially during these times. That said, these operational issues and support are critical to success. All of us need to have the confidence that those accountable for system infrastructure and reliability are aware of issues and actively working and reporting on problems. With the level of communication now, it’s not clear the Bubble techs understand the severity and mpact on customers.

Just tried again at 11:29 PST and the system seems way better.

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