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App being unnaturally slow even on basic workflows! HELP NEEDED!

Hello Everyone. So I’m having a weird issue in my app.

Even the SIMPLEST workflows are taking an eternity to run.

Pictured below is a workflow I made to test this. It increments a number and calls itself. It runs a total of 20 times. It shouldnt take more than a few seconds, yet it takes 5+ minutes on my app.

Moreover, I get these alerts on the bottom of the page. I am on the professional plan so there’s plenty of capacity.

The scheduler shows that there are absolutely NO background workflows running. So that’s out of the question.

Please note that this issue has only started since last week. There was no such issue in the last 2-3 months I’ve been working on this app. My other app does not have this problem.

Some guidance would greatly be appreciated as this is extremely odd.

Pictured below: The notices I’m getting in the debugger. As well as the simple workflow that increments a variable and then calls itself.

If you are seeing everything running unusually slow, and this wasn’t happening before, then file a bug report.

Regarding the specific workflow and messages you’ve posted here…

  • For a recursive workflow, best practice is to add a pause before it repeats… start with a couple seconds and see what happens
  • Do you have a repeating group or something else on your page downloading stuff, which could explain the performance warning? You can go into google’s developer tools in your browser to see what’s being downloaded

Again, could be a bug, which only Bubble can deal with, but above are some steps you can take.

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