App builder needed

I need two apps. :innocent:

One is a simple way for dog owners to find other local dog owners. An option for them to exchange money is good. Kinda like this but with a twist.

APP 2 An app that will allow users to find a local laundromats that will be offering / participating in an exclusive service through this app. Basically, like a new revenue stream for laundromats.

The laundromats would have to sign up for this app. For consumers looking for laundromats, it would appear kind of like a service for hire where you can see the ratings of past consumers that used the laundromat for this specific purpose.

It would be kind of like a marketplace too because you could see the laundromats cost (they set their own prices) and consumers can see past reviews.

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Hey @resume4ivan,

Welcome to Bubble! Are you asking for someone to build this for you? If so, this thread belongs in #jobs-freelance

yes, thanks

Alrighty, moved it over for you :blush:

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