App connector & privacy rules

Hi Bubblers,
I’m using the app connector to connect several apps to another central “Dashboard” app to list metrics for each app. The data is pulling the Data Types just fine, but I’m only able to read a Data Type’s fields (User’s firstname, for example) if that field doesn’t have any privacy rules attached.

I’m using the “API Key” method of authentication and it seems like that method should expose all fields. From the Bubble API Connector Docs:


Select which type of authentication you want to call to run. If you select Private key, it will run as an admin in the second app. If you select OAuth and enter a Client ID and Client secret, calls will run as the current user after signing up with OAuth. In this case, privacy rules, etc. will apply as the user. No authentication will run calls without any credentials.

My understanding of “… it will run as an admin in the second app” is that privacy rules will be ignored when returning data, but that is apparently not the case. Is there something else I should be doing to expose these fields, or will I be forced to use OAuth in order to authentication with each connected app?


I have the same issue. Did you make any progress?

I did and my understanding of “runs as admin” was incorrect. Privacy rules are used in these cases, so I ended up just creating the endpoints and calling them from the API connector instead. That way you can force it to run without privacy.