App connector WF not running

The Apps will connect, and it will successfully run the workflow from app A triggering App B, but the workflow on app B wont run.

Anyone know why this may be?

I have checked privacy settings

Hello Alex,

Can you give more details and screenshots?

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Are there any conditions on the backend workflow on app B? How do you know it’s not running? Have you checked the logs?

No, there are no conditions. The logs don’t show any api activity on app A, and they show less than a percentage of API activity on app B

this is a demo i tried running which wouldn’t create the data type

Does it work if you run it with the admin API key instead of OAuth?

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oh my gosh george yes it did.

sorry for wasting your time i swear i had tried previously.

Massive help having this work. can’t express enough gratitude for the time and consideration.